Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mac Paintings by Gautam Rao, Playful Painter

Incalculable (6"x7")

Sold Collection of Mark Sidell of Chapel Hill, NC.

Firefox Painting (6"x7")

Sold Collection of Daniel Polly of Hebron, KY.

File Uploading (6"x7")


Dock Painting 2 (7"x6")

Sold Collection of Jay Brewer of

iPod Painting (6"x7")


New Folder Painting (7"x6")

Sold Collection of Olga Yiparaki of Tucson, AZ.

Brightness Painting (6"x7")


Dock Painting (8"x6")


Mac Painting II (8"x6")


Mac Painting I (16"x12")


Webcam Self Portrait (12"x16")


Anonymous said...

Very nice oil paintings. They capture the "essence of Mac".

Unknown said...

Great stuff. From a fellow Indy resident, kudos! Send me an email - i'd like to make you aware of an upcoming event that you're art would be perfect for. you can reach me at:

nealmoore at gmail dot com

Bruce said...

Love the paintings! If you're seeking to portray "everyday life," do a few Windows PC pictures--those are definitely more "everyday" than Apple...

Anonymous said...

If you like these what about a 3D version @ ? anyone?

Anonymous said...

nice, your paintings remember me the artwork of milos manetas. maybe you know him ? hope to see more of your artworks soon.

Anonymous said...

Love them! These works of art should grace the walls of every Mac fan's home.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are really cool, unique paintings, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great paintings :D I love the one with the brightness setting.
Please don't sell your soul and do Windows paintings :p
Just keep up the good work.